A couple weeks ago I had the privilege to photograph Brianna, a High School Senior.  She was such a pleasure to be around and would do anything to make an amazing image.  I’m so excited about her photos because you can’t miss her beauty, inside and out.  Hope you enjoy…







Whitney & Kaili

I love these girls!!! They are some of the most genuine people I know. I was so blessed to part of their beautiful day. Their joy and laughter was and always if contagious.  Whitney and Kai, thanks so much for including me. Your wedding was beautiful and one of a kind.  I am so grateful for our friendship. Love you!


East Coast – Boston

The last city on our trip was Boston.  By far my favorite!  It’s a beautiful, clean and friendly city.  The hotel we stayed in was gorgeous and the staff was fabulous!  It also didn’t hurt that we got to hang out with some pretty awesome people…Timothy and Abi.  They were gracious enough to show us around.

The entrance to our beautiful hotel.

A closer look at the Hotel Lobby.

Mom with Abi and Timothy at our Thanksgiving.

Our amazing Thanksgiving spread at the Boston Plaza. Deliciousness!!!

Second helping of Thanksgiving food. Thank goodness for stretchy pants.

Sunset through the Metro window.

We had such a nice time walking along the Freedom Trail. It’s pretty unreal to be where great Americans lived and walked before us.

Another beautiful sunset in Boston.

A delicious cupcake shop! We got Chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel frosting. Oh and the cupcakes had carmel on the inside….Amazing!!

How could they refuse a little leaf throwing.

Mom and Dad having coffee with Timothy at “Pavement”, the coffee shop where he works.

Bud. He seemed to be everywhere that we were. You should see this guy do tricks on that fence.

Naturally, they needed a photo with the giant M&M.

Mom and Dad outside North Church.

Backbay Harbor.

Harvard University. We had a great tour thanks to Miss Abi.

East Coast – New York

New York was quite the experience. The kids were super intrigued by the lights and all the craziness. Don’t know that we’ll be taking them back there anytime soon but it was definitely a good experience. They have become quite the little travelers.

A beautiful from the window.

Train ride to New York City.

We had a great tour at Gettysburg and the kids had a good conversation with Abe;)

Caleb’s first cab ride.

Chloe found her way to the One Direction Store! Every 13-year-olds dream come true!!

Central Park.

John Lennon’s memorial in Central Park.

The National 911 Memorial.

James and Caleb reading names of those lost on September 11, 2001.

Chloe and Caleb in awe of the Memorial.

The Freedom Tower. It’s still under construction right behind The National 911 Memorial. It is hard to explain how massive it is. Needless to say I got pretty dizzy taking this photo – it’s that high!

Some more beauty in Central Park.